Reminder of the Basic Principles

There is no point in rushing forward when a point-zero reset promises better results in the long run, whereby the point zero is - here and now - the point of inertia at which the absence of an operational web solution manifests itself in the form of a structural impasse. Maintaining steadiness and continuity will be even more important considering the general context, not only because a web activity in sustainable societal development research does not supplant the work of an emergency ward, but also because in order to refocus on the right priorities, it is necessary to be able (and enabled) to evolve in the "(fictitious) time zero" of simulation, starting from any point of restoration which is relevant with regard to the issues at hand.
In other words: to be really useful for everyone, such a web concept solution must empower (i.e. legally allow and technically enable) any franchised user to act "far upstream" of anything that generates imbalances likely to lead to downstream emergencies. Which is why it is vital (for everyone) to let me get my web construction site out of this "cybersquat situation pending dissolution". This requires the effective constitution of the "Next Generation Web ISO-Sphere (of Planet+Ultra®)", whose primary purpose is to make the underlying infrastructure of web-sustained master-franchising services operational.

Meta-Reporting Perimeters

Let's go back to our dashboard-enabled conceptual separation of the most relevant concerns to be redefined (in view of a problem-solving redeployment), whose purpose it is to empower any internet user seeking affiliation to prepare his or her outside-in migration strategy in complete autonomy, from a classic dichotomy - between "public and private matters (on the one side)" versus "professional and personal issues (on the other)" - which generates many dysfunctions at critical interfaces, towards an integrated "network-process-oriented approach (admin > personal > social > pro/biz)" that regenerates added value to be reinvested in the right direction. Within the web-sustained master-franchising system of Planet+Ultra® indeed, no distinction will be made between public and private sectors, considering not only that the accounting standards to be conceptualized are international, but also that all parts of this new whole will converge towards conceptual unification.

Net+Ultra® Dashboard

Conceptual Reporting:

Working Time

Production Assets:

Leisure Time

Consumption Liabilities:

Private Spacetimes of Life

After successful completion of the affiliation process, the "inside-out rationale (admin > pro/biz > social > personal)" will take over from the one that allowed the user to get on board, and a new distinction between "the backend (the store)" and "the frontend (the window)" will dispel the last misunderstandings between private spaces (inside) and public spaces (outside), as well as between individual (personal), family and collective (socio-professional) dimensions. Another benefit of this matrix approach is that the latter fosters self-accountability, in the sense that it is as virtuously as self-sufficiently locked onto itself by the very quality which makes European intellectual property law in the strictest conceptualized French expression thereof applicable in the reciprocal interest of everyone: this core subtlety makes each franchisee his or her own rescuer or torturer (i.e. the first user of the network experience he or she configures for himself or herself).

Time for Oneself

Intelligent Design:

Colleagues, Partners

Profolio Configuration:

Family, Relatives

Groupfolio Configuration:

Public Spacetimes of Life

This integrated guarantee of "master-secured redeployability" of perimeters to be franchised, with a view to the continuous harmonization of the system’s networks, will empower franchised users to operate a conceptually selective sorting - by groups of profiles, and according to the evolution of their projects - of the numerous contacts gleaned during their network activities, without ever risking to find themselves trapped in the absurd situation of ruining during their free time (of recuperation and leisure) all the efforts made during their working time, for lack of an operational web solution whose purpose is precisely to provide the conceptual means to optimize the many spacetimes of an entire life.

Time for Others

Intelligent Feedback:

Prospects, Customers

Netfolio Level:

Friends, Acquaintances

Starter Level:


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