Your Attention Please

Don’t Look Down : Cosmic Challenge

As we are approaching the ninth anniversary date of creation of my main domain name at OVHcloud, things keep confirming themselves - on either side of a matrix-sustained separation line - by the default of the contradictory approach mentioned in my status update of 2022-01-25 (1), i.e. in such a way which is fortunately beta-secured in the right direction of a conceptual return to societal responsibility, and therefore more specifically to the fundamental purpose of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising system for web-enabled systemic R&D (2).Continue reading

Regarding my Status Updates

A very short note to let you know that I will, as of right now, publish my monthly status updates in the first week of each month, so as to have further statistical details - pertaining to my web analytics for the previous month - available for inclusion whenever necessary.

The progress report in preparation will therefore be published next week.Continue reading

Status Update

Due to the necessity to enhance some of the websites of my graphic bundle 06/10 (1) with additional "stat model-related" sections (2, 3), to update related contents on my backend side, and to produce a tenth application for review, the completion of the still pending sections of my Dashfolio 2022 (4), announced in March, has been delayed by one month, and will be resumed during the first half of April.Continue reading

Web Analytics Dashboard

Just a short note to let you know that I just completed the annual update of the web construction panels of graphic bundle 06/10 (Dashboard-theme-enabled graphic template [1]), which contains the Techfolio-Omega-enabled specifications that I enhanced with a web analytics debriefing for the years 2019 to 2022 (2).Continue reading

Status Update

Original FR version published on 2022-01-28, and updated on 2022-02-22 (EN) & 2022-02-08 (DE).

Now that my program agenda for this year is clarified, 10 days after the publication thereof on 2022-01-18, the time is right for a comprehensive status update, against the intermission background of a validation-focused cassation procedure which cannot be diverted to last any longer (1), considering all the work that needs to be done (2).Continue reading