The End (of the Summer Break)

I hope to have helped set the cosmic record straight on some of the most controversial "psi" issues (1) as I close this audiovisual summer blog, whose version 3.6/2023 published today (2) will be completed in the next few days.Continue reading

Cruel Summer

This summer, it's all happening elsewhere: on my Filmfolio more specifically, which I will need during the upcoming production phase.Continue reading

Right on Time for the Summer Break

…the best conceptual practices with regard to the integration of audiovisual content into a website. As you will see by exploring this new specifications module, there is still plenty of room for optimization in the current state of things.Continue reading

Up Next

The recent remastering of graphic bundles 05/10 and 06/10 ("Massv" and "Dashboard" website theme templates [1]) has highlighted the need to prepare a complementary set of specifications dedicated to the intermediate resolution of the issues pertaining to the conceptual integration of audiovisual content from third-party sources, which I raised in the foreword to version 3.0/2020 (2) of my Playfolio 2016 (3).Continue reading

Status (Quo) Update

Due to the website maintenance backlog cumulated through more frequent cassation procedure updates lately, I am in the process of commuting my annual "new year updates" into an "anticipated graphic remastering cycle", considering further that I am still working with my publication equipment of late 2012.Continue reading