Formfolio in Progress

Published on 2022-11-29

As part of the usual year-end consolidations, I completed in November the RapidWeaver-enabled web construction panel dedicated to the ongoing development of my contact points for each future web service level (1 & 2), where you can use as of now the final consolidated version of the web forms (3 to 5) which I used to revise and republish each year at the present main domain and web address.Continue reading

State of the Onion (2002-2012-2022)

A short reminder, at the beginning of this fifth reporting and budgeting season of four months, to confirm once again that all things "NetPlusUltra®" will remain virtuously beta-locked in the only direction which is economically viable for everyone in the short, medium and long term, until my requirements in matters of conceptual integrity and prototypical self-certification (or "proto-certification") are fully met:Continue reading

Nothing (New) to Report

The instruction is in progress. Along with the usual website maintenance works.Continue reading

Back to the Bottom Line

You will find the (French version of my) August update on my Techfolio Omega website (1), in the form of a final statistical audit closure. The translated versions thereof will be published next week.Continue reading