Welcome to the entirely revised v3.2/2018 of this feedback forum published in 2016, which keeps its original navigation rationale while providing a few more discussions lists.

Among the most apparent changes brought to this new version is the linguistic navigation mode, which I invite you to reconsider through the sections of the main menu, whose third sub-section has also been enhanced.

While the tutorials of the main menu are optimized for consultation by direct access to this collaborative CMS module, the discussions blogs have been rethought for indirect access through both the search bar and the WordPress redirection icon included in each webpage of my Webfolio.

A shortcut to these discussions lists remains accessible from the left sidebar and the footer widgets, whose interactive titles provide access to the linguistic sections (main categories), the websites (sub-categories), and the most popular contents (blog articles).

Finally, since the launch date of WordPress 5.0 is fast approaching, I’m taking the opportunity of this “reopening” to wish you a pleasant redeployment…

Daniela BERNDT


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