As you might know if you have followed through this concept presentation so far, the four MySQL databases included in my shared professional web hosting package (1) enable the creation of at least as many CMS modules (2) of the WordPress.org type (3), which is not to be confounded with the native web hosting platform provided at WordPress.com (4).

In addition to my first two modules which I dedicated to the development of the specifications pertaining to my registration portal (sandboxed under access restriction, so as to be kept invisible [5]), this third modular component is all the more important as it is supposed not only to enable me to provide prospective franchisees with an overview of the moderation codex in effect inside the network (Feedback menu), but also to elaborate the second “all-in-one” version of my specifications portal.

Considering further that the objective is both to give you a foretaste of self-editing, and to help enhance the WordPress.org core, I am now providing you with a step-by-step review of the production process by which such a multisite solution gets implemented (regardless of whether your intention is to use the latter as a website, a blog, a directory or an all-in-one forum), from the moment of the installation thereof on a shared web hosting server such as the one I am using, to the date of launch as a web service.

Please also note that the purpose of this tutorial pertaining to the implementation of my NetPlusUltra® master-franchising solution is provided with a view to helping prospective franchisees to prepare their affiliation, and that it does not in any way pretend to replace the forum of WordPress.org users, or OVH’s technical support services.


Further reading
(1) https://www.ovh.co.uk/web-hosting/web-hosting-pro.xml
(2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/content-management-system
(3) https://wordpress.org
(4) https://en.wordpress.com
(5) https://www.daniela-berndt.ovh/en/agenda/files/tag-access-restricted.html

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  1. Please review the entire moderation codex as presented in the eight pages of the Feedback menu before publishing a contribution.

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