Each new development in the web publication process raises the question of how to integrate the comments of the target audience(s), from all subject-matter-related perspectives of a conceptual problem-solving cycle along the NetPlusUltra® production rationale.

While a simple e-mail-enabled feedback form (1) should suffice upstream of the value chain, the growing complexity of the production process, as the project initiator approaches the launch date of his web product or service, requires to add a more interactive building block to the whole framework, if only to better address the issue of recurring questions.

Accordingly, this first menu proposes yet another crossing of the value chain, with a view to answering the contractually binding question of which specific terms of use should apply to this front-end part of an author’s web service, if the objective is to optimize everyone’s network experience.


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  1. Please review the entire moderation codex as presented in the eight pages of the Feedback menu before publishing a contribution.

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